Corgi 1/50 Volvo FH Tipper

Having done a feature on modern commercial vehicles, and different trailer types, I thought I'd add another.  Last time we looked at the smaller 1:76 models from Oxford Diecast, but this time we see one of the larger 1:50 models by Corgi.  One of a limited edition series of 1000 models.

With a bright orange livery, as used by M Way and Sons, this is an attractive looking truck, complete with the working tipper mechanism.  Based in Devon, M Way and Sons are a specialist bulk haulage contractor which started out in 1973 by Merv Way with a second hand Dodge 500 flatbed.  Still largely hauling sand from Devon to the Midlands, and returning with Nottinghamshire coal, the business has grown to a fleet of seventy trucks, with a variety of makes and trailer types now in use.  For this bulk Fruhauf tipper, it is coupled with a Volvo FH tractor unit.

The Volvo FH (where FH stands for Forward control High cab) was launched near the end of 1993 and has proved to be a very successful product range.  Though into a second generation of the design, over 400.000 have been produced so far, and it is still in production, in styles including the high cab Globetrotter as featured in the model.

The model itself comes packed securely in a polystyrene block within the attractive box, as illustrated in the album below.  Also in the box is a Collectors Card, which gives the background detail to M Way and Sons, along with a small bag of accessory parts that you fit when you have it out of the box.  This includes the wing mirrors, radio aerials and blind spot mirrors that you fit into holes pre-prepared in the cab.  On the back of the cab are the suzies to connect it to the trailer, and such an important feature of an artic, it is good to see them included.  The only thing I'd suggest is only fit these to the trailer once you have it in your display cabinet and remember to undo them if you ever move the model, so as not to damage them.

Overall a very nice model from Corgi, and certainly a colour scheme that will stand out in any display.

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