Use Your Loaf

Dom tells us how sprucing up the boxes that your classic toys came in can be as simple as using your loaf




Collecting may not be a particularly strenuous hobby, where one has to keep oneself in the pique of physical condition (that, by the way, is no problem for me, as I have the body of Adonis – although when he sees what I’ve done with it he’ll be livid!), but it is a hobby where certain dietary choices can pay real dividends.

Health conscious folks will tell you that brown bread is far superior to white – particularly the white sliced type. But they’re wrong. For sliced white is in fact a boon to collectors. Let me explain...

If you have a well-fingered box that’s now showing its 30 plus years, there is no need to resort to the use of harsh chemicals. Just take a slice of white, pull off the crust and, using a small piece at a time, gently rub it over the box (better if it’s laid flat). The bread will then turn into grubby little rolls that are easily brushed off . This method won’t abraid the box but I promise you it will clean the card like you wouldn’t believe – and all for very little dough!

Now there’s a tip you won’t learn in one of the mens’ fitness titles!

- Dom

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