Truckfest Ireland will take place at the Kings Hall, Belfast on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 August 2012.


Bob Limming, a Director with Live Promotions Events Ltd, who has been organsing the hugely successful Truckfest events, specifically in Peterborough, for the past 30 years tells us: “Over the years we have welcomed so many visitors to Truckfest from both north and south of the border in Ireland that we think it’s about time we paid them the compliment and gave Ireland’s industry a Truckfest of their very own. There will be all of the elements contained in Truckfest Ireland that you would expect -manufacturers and distributor stands, industry showcases and the usual fun elements, celebrities, main arena action and, most important of all, competing trucks. We look forward to Truckfest Ireland being an annual event and to giving our competitors an opportunity to make a trip to Belfast and compete with the best in the country.


Tickets can be ordered in advance by calling 0844 209 7363 and will be charged at £12 for adults or £30 for a family ticket that admits two adults and two children.