Tipping & Dumping – Dinky Toys – Part 1

Michael Driver invites you to reconnect with your inner child and join him as he embarks on a nostalgic look back at the classic releases designed with loads of fun in mind…

I remember as a child being enthralled watching a lorry tip its load. It was fascinating to watch the body being raised, the tailgate being opened to release the sand and the driver banging the side of the body to make sure all of the sand was indeed out. The body was then lowered and the show was over. Naturally, amongst my collection of Dinky Toys I had some tipping lorries and dumper trucks, and, with a little imagination and the use of mum’s split-peas, small stones from the garden or other suitable loads, these provided hours of happy play.

Later, as a student, in my summer holidays I worked as a driver’s mate. This meant that I acquired first-hand 1:1 experience of tipping and dumping loads. Funnily enough, the lorry the firm I worked for used was an Austin tipper, not unlike the Dublo Dinky Austin Lorry [No. 064].

I would imagine that the Dinky Toys’ tippers and dumpers bring back loads of happy memories for many other readers of this magazine, too. So, let’s take a look back at them in the date order of their introduction into the British Dinky Toys’ range.

Dinky Toys Tipping Wagon

The earliest Dinky Toys’ tipper was the Tipping Wagon [No. 25e], which was released in 1934. It had a tipping body and an opening tailboard, but no mechanism for raising the body (this had to be done manually). These early models (the first type) had open work chassis and came with a maroon cab, a tinplate radiator and a yellow back.

In 1935, the second type, was introduced and had cast radiators and headlamps. Finished in brown, with a turquoise or grey back, examples can also be found in grey, fawn and green, and there are of course variations of these colour combinations. All were fitted with the large Dinky Toys’ tyres.

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