The Ugly Bug Ball

John Harrison ‘celebrates’ some less than perfect toys and models, because sometimes completism requires a little compromise…


Tormo of Argentina’s Ford Escort Mk IV slot car looks like a strange amalgamation of an Escort and a Jaguar XJS, and that’s just the start when it comes to anomalies


I collect toys and models of cars we have owned and, perhaps not surprisingly, these range from excellent models to ones that can really only be described as atrocities. Arguably, any model can be deemed ugly if its prototypes was. The models described in this article, though, are unsightly because the manufacturer has made a real hash of rendering the prototype, not because the prototype itself was ugly.

Don’t cry for me, Argentina
Produced by Tormo of Argentina is (supposedly; – the name DOES appear on the base) it is a Ford Escort, the version produced from 1986 to 1992, generally referred to as the Mk IV. To me, it seems to be almost a cross between a Ford Escort and a Jaguar XJS, as the bonnet is comparatively long and the passenger compartment comparatively short, an impression heightened by the passenger compartment being more coupe-styled than saloon/hatchback-styled.

You might think looking at the photo that at least the manufacturer has given it an interior but, to facilitate the provision of a motor, this ‘stops’ just below the car’s waistline, so there are no foot wells. The shut lines on the side of the car imply it is a 2-door version, but the Six-Light body indicates it should actually be a 4-door.

The position of the B-pillar means the door is far too wide, terminating half way down the rear seats. Also, the model maker seems to have lost interest when he reached the boot as, apart from the rear light clusters – which are not particularly accurate anyway, no detail is depicted.

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