What is it?
It’s a large (approximately 1:24) scale set of a Ford Corsair with a motor boat, which is sometimes described as a Healey. It was made from the mid sixties into the seventies and sold under the Telsalda name. Following recent letters in MC, it seems quite possible that Telsalda was an umbrella name, distributing products from a number of Hong Kong companies. Certainly, the model bears a close similarity to a Corsair made by Lucky Toys.

What do I get?
Beware of the catch-all phrase, ‘Dinky copy’ often attributed to this and other plastic models, because it does neither justice. It should be no surprise that popular or attractive vehicles would be modelled by numerous manufacturers around the world and whilst the boat and trailer bear strong physical and design similarities to the Dinky product, the Corsair is unique. For a start, it’s a four door with separate door handles, a friction motor, sliding front windows, an aerial, a detailed engine beneath an opening bonnet, an opening boot, separate lenses to the front lamps and a roof rack with three pieces of luggage and a spare wheel. Dinky, despite illustrating a four door model, produced No. 130 as a two door!
The boat has a separate outboard motor and a nicely detailed trailer.

Any variations?
All examples seen have been in the colours seen, but it’s quite likely that other colour combinations exist.How was it packaged?The set is neatly tucked into the base of a lift off box, which has attractive illustrations and lists all the models’ features.

Why should I get one?
This is a rare set, with very few coming up for auction over the last ten years. Aside from it looking good as a set, the Corsair will appeal to Ford enthusuasts in its own right. It’s a very well proportioned model; better, dare it be claimed, than the Dinky model. Anyway, any large scale contemporary plastic model of a 60s car, is bound to be a conversation piece in any collection.

Watch out
Luggage, spare and aerial are all prone to going ‘walkies’. The tow hook on the car is a discreet, inset plastic column. Unfortunately, it’s prone to damage. By it’s nature, the trailer is delicate. 

How much?
Judging by auction results, Telsalda, along with Clifford products are hotly pursued. For a complete, boxed set, expect to pay between £110 and £150.