Corgi 1/50 Stobart Biomass trailer and Scania

On the roads, in a model shop or on TV it is hard these days to escape seeing an Eddie Stobart vehicle.Only a couple of days ago I had a long trip from Berkshire to Sheffield and back, and as a bit of an exercise on the journey, counted seeing 100 different Stobart trucks during the day, and I am sure there were others I missed.

This new model from Corgi features a Scania-R (rear tag) tractor unit along with a moving-floor Biomass trailer.  With a fleet of some 60 of these trailers now in use, Stobarts use them primarily for hauling waste wood for the new minimum carbon power plants.  This is connected with their joint venture with A.W.Jenkinson Forest Products, in providing these sustainable biomass fuels.  They can be used for general cargo as well though, and I have seen them use these for delivering to our own warehouses at work.

A nice paint finish, and the attractive markings on the Stobart tractors make for a good looking truck, which suits the Scania rather well in my opinion.  There are the suzies to connect it to the trailer.  Also in the box is a small poly bag with accessories for you to fit, with aerials and wing mirrors to fit to the cab.  The result is a good looking model, and Stobart have built much of their reputation on reliability and service so their trucks always look neat and clean on the road, just as the model does.

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