Greenlight 1/18 Ford Mustang from Bullet

I have been primarily a military modeller for more years than maybe I should admit to these days but throughout that time I have collected diecasts, particularly military vehicles and military aircraft.  As a youngster I, like many others, grew up in the time when Corgi, Dinky and Matchbox toys were cheap and made very much as children's toys, models to be played with, rather than as collectors items for adults which they have become in more recent years.

Up until now I have not bought any larger 1:18 scale models but a couple of weeks ago I gave in.  It wasn't a new model which tempted me, but I do admit to being a great movie fan and it was the subject of one of the all time great movies which finally made me give in a buy one of these larger scale models.  I gave in to a green Ford Mustang, depicting the one driven by Steve McQueen in that great movie 'Bullet'.  How can you forget that classic chase sequence over the steep hills in San Francisco (and just how many times did that Beetle drive past?).  Seeing it in the cabinet at my local Modelzone, I just had to give in.  It brings back the memory of watching the cars leave the ground over the crests in the hills, and then feel it 'thump' back down onto the road for a landing.  Brilliant bit of film.  Plus the growl of that engine...?  magic!

Greenlight 1/18 Ford Mustang from Bullet Greenlight 1/18 Ford Mustang from Bullet
Greenlight 1/18 Ford Mustang from Bullet Greenlight 1/18 Ford Mustang from Bullet

The model is by Greenlight, and with 'Bullet' decorated packaging, inside is that classic Mustang.  On unpacking it, I found a nice weighty model with detail underneath as well as the engine compartment, the passenger compartment with working steering, and even the spare wheel stowed inside the boot (maybe that should be 'trunk' considering the US based film itself).  I don't have anything else to compare it with but my reaction to this, my first 1:18 model, is one of great satisfaction.  I can see myself in danger of becoming intrigued by movie themed models though with the larger size, storage space (already under severe pressure after nearly 50 years of collecting military vehicles and aircraft) coming under even greater stress.  Having been a model collector for so long though, it raised some interesting feelings of when you buy a model that becomes a first in a new collecting theme.