Corgi Mini Charity Auction on E-Bay

A specially commissioned one-off charity fund raiser in the form of a Corgi Mini currently up for for sale on eBay.

The model, which carries a bespoke design in support of the 70 mile charity bike ride around the Isle of Wight by people in the UK toy industry to raise obey for the Toy Trust charity, is significant because it is the very last casting of the 822 series of Minis to be manufactured (carrying ref no. 82289). And is fitting for such a highly prized collectable, it comes complete with its own bespoke display case.

This model Mini will be travelling with the Hornby team to the Isle of Wight for the bike ride, after which time the highest eBay bidder will get to keep piece, with the money he/she pays for it obviously being donated to the charity.

The Toy Trust Charity is aiming to raise over £100,000 this year, which will go towards giving 80 special needs children from economically deprived families across the UK an adapted bike or trike that will enable them to experience the joy of cycling mobility.

If you wish to place a bid, or to simply follow the auction to conclusion, the link below will take you directly to the item on eBay

See the Charity Auction on E-Bay here!
 (Due to close on 10 June)

Corgi Mini Charity Auction in the special display case, on E-Bay