Corgi 1/50 Scania 110 nad Tandem Axle Tilt Trailer

In an eye catching orange and black colour scheme, Corgi have one of the older Scania tractor units, the 110, coupled with a basic tandem axle tilt trailer.  This is the kind of combination I was used to at work back in the early 1980s, though we had MANs and Volvo F10s rather than the Scania.  The trailer though is just the sort we used to have in our yard, and ran all over Europe.

Corgi have finished it in the livery of Chapman and Ball and the Collectors Card which is included in the box tells you a bit more about them.  Started in the early 1960 they specialised in bulk haulage, with a large fleet of tippers.  A new partner joined them in the early 1970's and they then diversified into International groupage traffic, running throughout Europe, down to Greece and the Middle East.  For this they used a number of sub-contractors, including Robert Dodds-Brown whose Scania 110 is featured in the model.

Scania is a Swedish truck manufacturer, though the largest shareholders these days are both German, Volkswagen and MAN trucks.  The model is nicely done, with a stowage rack on the cab roof so valuable for the long haul runs, while the two little Michelin men on the front of the cab roof just add character.  I also like the inclusion of the coloured suzies to connect to the trailer, with yellow, red and black cables.  Also tucked into the box is a small poly bag of accessory parts to fit, specifically the wing mirrors.

The two things noticeably absent from trucks and trailers in those days is the lack of any streamlining for fuel efficiency and no protective bars along the side of the trailer to prevent cars and bikes running under the sides of the trailer.  Protective devices that we expect to see these days, even if they are often hidden behind streamlining side skirts which help airflow and improve fuel efficiency.

All in all another neat model in 1:50 scale and one which did set some memories going of a past element of my own working life.  Even the TIR logo on the back, more memories of having to sort out TIR carnets for our own trucks when we sent them over to the continent.  A long time ago now though.

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