Haynes Manual, RAF Typhoon

Title:  RAF Typhoon - Owners' Workshop Manual
Author: Antony Loveless
Publisher:  Haynes Publishing
ISBN:  978-0-85733-075-8
'An insight into owning, flying and maintaining the world's most advanced multi-role combat jet'

Most of us will be familiar with the Haynes Manuals, that you can buy for what seems to be about every type of car you can imagine.  We have looked before at their manual on the Tiger.  This time they turn skywards, and feature the RAF Typhoon.
Written with the co-operation of the RAF, this is a fact filled book for the aviation enthusiast and modeller alike.  Without giving 'secrets' away, he manages to tell us what is it like to fly this modern combat aircraft, and gets under the skin of it with the engineers as well.  The book is split into 8 main sections, covering the Typhoon Story, which tells us the background behind its' development.  Then the Anatomy of the Typhoon, which goes through each element of the machine itself.  This leads quite naturally into the Typhoon's Beating Heart, the Eurojet EJ200 power pack.
Next is the more warlike part, with details of weapons fits and mission profiles, including both air-to-air and air-to-ground weaponry.  This is followed by talking to the RAF pilots who fly the Typhoon, who tell us what it is like to fly, and what is involved in preparing for a mission.  This is followed by the engineers viewpoint, the teams who keep it fit for the pilots to fly with confidence.
The last two sections cover the service experience of the Typhoon in RAF service.  Two in particular ar their deployment to Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands, and their use in the UK QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) system.  Once upon a time this was famously covered by the old Lightning, but long out of service and now the preserve of the Typhoon.
Throughout the book it is well illustrated with some excellent photos and diagrams.  Some of the RAF air-to-air photos are simply beautiful, and show off the quite graceful lines of this powerful jet aircraft.  For the modeller there are lots of detail pictures, including within the cockpit and of the pilots flying gear, to give some great references as well as the book being a good read in the first place.
See also the Haynes Publishing website.