Corgi 1/72 Dambuster Lancaster, M-Mother

Just in case you've missed the news, the 17 May this year marks the 70th anniversary of one of the most famous raids of WW2, the Dams raid of 617 Sqn under Guy Gibson, earning the squadron the name of 'The Dambusters'.

As part of the celebrations, BBC Radio 2 is hosting a day devoted to remembering the events.  If you would like to see the details of their programming for the day, have a look here, on the BBC website

BBC Radio 2

If that isn't enough for you then in addition to the release of a 1/72 model of M Mother, one of the Dambuster Lancs by Corgi (illustrated above), complete with the Upkeep bomb in the adapted bomb bay underneath, then there are a couple of other Dambusters related releases that have been featured on our sister site at just recently that might interest some. 

For those who like to have a go at building and painting their own models, then this large new 200mm scale figure from Mitches Military Models was recently reviewed on our website and you can read our review here via this link. Mitches Military Miniatures
A recent release from Airfix has been an all-new kit of a 1/72 Dambuster Lancaster, which even includes the bomb trolley that would haave carried the Upkeep weapon out to the aircraft.  If you are interested in building and painting your own model of a Dambusters Lancaster, read what we had to say about it on the website via this link. Airfix 1/72 Dambuster Lancaster

Our thanks to the BBC media team for letting us have the details