In the December 2012 issue an excellent article penned by Alex Cameron explored Poland's rich automotive history and how it has been represented in model form. Pictured below are some of the models we simply didn't have room to pack into the feature but that we thought you would enjoy...

Part-work publisher DeAgostini's Warszawa 200 Pick-up

Warszawa 203 from De Agostini shows the restyle carried out on the fastback Warszawa body by Ghia.

De Agostini Warszawa 203 Kombi.

Kultowe AUTA Polski Fiat 126P models.

NYSA N59 Minibus - a lovely model with full interor detail and a beautiful two tone paint finish. One of the nicest models in the Kultowe AUTA part-works series of 'cult' Polish vehicles.

NYSA 522 MO Milijca - a very well detailed and finely decorated special issue model from the Kultowe AUTA collection. 

Kultowe AUTA ŻUK A03 Pickup Truck - plastic tilt has a very realistic appearance.

Welly Warszawa 224. Welly has responded to the growing nostalgia for Poland's motoring heritage with a range of well made die-cast models of cult vehicles like this Warszawa.

Welly Fiat 126P is larger than the other Welly models of Polish cars. No scale is stated but model is roughly 1:24 scale or thereabouts.

If you missed the article  (see taster below) and it's a must read for you, back issues can be ordered - see home page for details.