London firm Pimlico Plumbers has been amazed by the sheer volume of orders that have flooded in for a promotional Volkswagen T5 model van commissioned to help raise money for one of its charitable causes.

The models offered via the company's website,, are priced at £10 each, and 10% from each sale will be donated to the Rhys Daniel Trust, which provides 'home from home' accommodation close to hospitals for parents of seriously ill children.

Pimlico's fleet of 150 vans have become a familiar sight on the street of London and are held in particular affection for their humorous personalised numberplates, which include 'BOG 1', 'DRA 1N' and 'W4TER'. These numberplates have been authentically replicated on the models, with just 1,000 numbered and certificated examples of each having been produced.

Charlie Mullins, Managing Director of Pimlico Plumbers says: "The reaction to these model vans has been unbelievable. Since we put them on our website I've discovered how big the hobby for collecting model vehicles is all around the world. We've had calls and emails from as far away as the United States from enthusiasts wanted to add a Pimlico van to their collections. It's amazing!"