Barack Obama's Presidential limousine, Cadillac One, a.k.a. 'The Beast' is now one of the most instantly recognisable cars in the world.

And because we like keeping you bang up to date, in the August 2011 issue of Model Collector we'll be looking at not one but three new 1:43 scale renditions of the vehicle that goes with the US President on all his travels, both domestic and international.

So which one gets our vote?

Well you can read our expert's in-depth review in the magazine, but for now, you can see a little taster of these models by clicking on the Albums bar at the top of our website's Home page and selecting the relevant folder.

Plus, in this web exclusive, we've thrown a couple of other new models, including the Chevrolet Suburban from the US Presidential Motorcade, often used by President Obama in situations where the use of Cadillac One would prove impractical and the previous generation 2005 Presidential Cadillac DTS, built for George W. Bush and which is still in service today.

Enjoy this little preview, and don't miss the full length feature in our August issue!