Corgi 1/50 MAN and Bowring Livestock Trailer

A new model from Corgi in their range of 1:50 commercial vehicles is the first example I have looked at with a Livestock trailer, an aspect of road haulage I have never been involved with.  That however makes it something a bit different for me, and an interesting model.

The tractor unit is an MAN TGX, a modern truck built primarily for long distance work.  Again interesting as I recall working in London back in the 1980s, and the first photo I ever took which got published was of an old MAN tractor unit which we operated then and it completed 1,000,000 kilometers without any major engine fault, so its' picture appeared in the MAN Trucks newsletter of the time.  For those who may not know by the way, MAN does stand for (Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg), a company now with ownership controlled by Volkswagen.

Back to the model, Corgi have done the MAN TGX along with a Houghton Parkhouse Livestock trailer, all in the livery of Bowring Transport.  The information card that come included in the box tells us a bit of history, how Bill Bowring started his livestock transport business back in 1951 with just one truck.  Progressing into general agricultural haulage, and along with his wife and two sons, they formed Bowring Transport Ltd in 1974.  They bought their first articulated truck in 1976, making for a fleet of 8 vehicles.  Today that has grown to a fleet of over 60, covering all sorts of specialist haulage, and still including Livestock transport, as indicated by this Houghton Parkhouse trailer.  Based in Warsop it is now one of the largest privately owned transport fleets in the West Midlands.

The tractor unit and the trailer is securely packed in the box, along with the Collectors Card and a small poly bag which has small accessory parts to be fitted once you have the model out of the box.  These include aerials and wing mirrors to fit to the cab.  With the largely green livery, the splash of red on the lower half of the MAN along with the white roof makes for an attractive model in my opinion.  The suzies on the back of the cab can be fitted to the front of the trailer once you have it out of the box and ready to be put into your display cabinet.

Overall I liked this for being a rather different style of trailer to the tilt and box trailers that I have been so familiar with over the years. 

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