Dragon 1/72 LVT(A)1

The American built Amtrac became a feature of the island hopping campaign in the Pacific during WW2.  Developed from a design of a vehicle for navigating the Florida swamps it became a valuable landing vehicle, able to carry troops out of the water and up onto the beach while they remained under some protection.  It went through a number of developments from the earliest ones, including the addition of armour protection, a ramp for troop exit rather than having to climb over the sides as in the early versions, exposing them to enemy fire.  The tracks were a little fragile if used on tarmac roads, but each ink featured an sort of 'W' shaped blade so while it provided grip in the sands on shore, it also acted as the fins on the tracks that drove it forward in the water as well.  A few of the LVT 4, a later version of the troop carrier with a ramp for the troop compartment were used in operations in NW Europe by the British 79 Armoured Division.  Particularly in Holland during 1944 and during the Rhine Crossings in 1945.

The other development of course was to provide some fire support for troops when they reached the beach, and that led to these 'Attack' versions.  This new Dragon Armor model is the first of these, with the 37mm armed turret from the M3 Stuart light tank mounted onto an enclosed superstructure (the troop carriers were all open topped).  Behind are two gun tubs, each with a .30 cal Browning machine gun, with a simple armoured shield.  There was also a later LVT(A)4 which mounted a short 75mm gun in a turret as used on the M8 HMC (Howitzer Motor Carriage).

In this instance Dragon have finished it in the markings of a vehicle used in the assault on Saipan in 1944.  The colour is a standard US Navy Sea Blue 5S used in WW2.  The model is very neatly finished and the markings cleanly applied.  If you fancy a go at one for yourself, then don't forget that Dragon also have these available in kit form so you could make your own, and this is one of the marking options supplied in the kit.  This one is all done for you though, and come fixed to a base within a display case.  If you wanted to though, you could take it and mount it to a scenic base diorama, climbing onto the beach perhaps. 

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