Pen and Sword Starfighter F104 in Profile

Title: Profiles of Flight, Lockheed F-104 Starfighter
Author: Dave Windle and Martin Bowman
Publisher: Pen and Sword Aviation
ISBN: 978-1-84884-449-0

...Interceptor, Strike, Reconnaissance fighter
This hardcover book of history and profiles gives some great inspiration for any modeller who is interested in an eye catching F-104. Perhaps one of the best known of the 100 series of US jets, perhaps partly for a well publicized accident rate, it had a long career with many countries around the world.
Martin Bowman has written the history as this 'missile with wings' which served with the air forces of the USAF (including camouflaged examples in Vietnam as well as the all bare metal fighters) , German, Greek, Italian, Turkish, the Netherlands, Japan and Canada among others. Each had differing experiences with it but all seemed to have liked to paint them in a highly colourful variety of special schemes. Some of the Canadian Tiger-stripes are impressive, while the Italians also created some great colour schemes which did occasionally appear here at air shows such as RIAT. Dave Windle has done a great job of the colour profiles, and helpfully for modellers these do feature both side views of each one.
An aircraft mixed up with bribery scandals, high accident rates but widespread use over many years and such an impressive sight for those of us who have seen them at air shows over the years, the Starfighter is a popular subject for this new book. Some operators had an accident free record, other did not, while some were well publicized despite the attrition rate being lower than some of their other aircraft. I found it an interesting read and tempting to go and look for some kits and transfer sets for some of these special schemes.
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