Les Avions Dinky Toys Francais

A new book documenting all of the French Dinky Toys aircraft like never before is now available.

This marvellous reference work, written by leading authority Claude Wagner, with the assistance of Dinky Toys Encyclopedia author Jacques Dujardin, lists and describes in detail all of the models, including the exports and the aircraft planned but sadly never issued. In fact there are several real scoops contained in the pages, such as the first photographs ever published of the 62 Set, which was doubted, until quite recently, to actually exist. Also, with the help of John Beugles, a contact of Jacques’s in the Netherlands, the book explains how to differentiate the French-made Autogiro from the British one. The Autogiro is one of the very few Dinky Toys devoid of markings, so until now it was believed there was no way to tell the two apart – but there is! You’ll have to buy the book to discover the secret! The production sequence of the many variations of the Caravelle has also been established, and is illustrated with a wealth of pictures.

Indeed the book features numerous large colour photographs and professional line drawings, the latter having been coloured in the exact shades used by Dinky, which makes for an excellent visual reference guide.

Les avions Dinky Toys Français (which, we should point out is published in English – a French version will also be made available in due course), is priced at £39.90 plus p&p at cost and can be ordered either from eBay or directly from editionsduwag@yahoo.fr