Histoire and Collections Jeep in Frnech Army Service, Tome 1

Title: La Jeep dans L'Armee Francaise, Tome 1
Author: Paul Gaujac
Publisher: Histoire & Collections
ISBN: 978-2-35250-240-1
This new French language paperback book from Histoire & Collections is volume 1 of a two volume set planned to cover the Jeep in Frnch Army service. This one deals with 1942 through to 1954 from when they first used it in Tunisia through to the war in Indo-China (Vietnam). For modellers and somply Jeep enthusiasts alike don't worry if you are not good at reading French, as it will be the great photo content which grabs your attention.
The Jeep proved to be very popular with the French military, and even though they tried to develop a home grown alternative (the Delahaye) the end result was simply the creation of a Jeep production line with Hotchkiss, examples of which are still very popular wiht Jeep owners.
The book is divided into a number of sections, dealing with the basic history of the development story, then colours and markings when in French service, then photo collections showing it in service during WW2 in Italy, France and Germany. Then after the war, in Austria and Germany, France and Algeria along with some Ambulance versions as well. This moves on to Indo-China and finally on other users, such as the Gendarme and French Police.
The photo content is first class, and for modellers there are some great ideas among them for simgle Jeep models, or for dioramas. Pictures such as a pile of wrecked Jeeps and trailers, which include a couple of amphibious versions among the pile. I'm sure many Jeep owners today would have welcomed an opportunity to go through them for spares. There are the ambilance versions already mentioned, and there is even one with a mine detector unit mounted on the front as well. Others were converted to saff cars for senior officers and others with an interesting and slightly more unusual variety of weaponry fitted to them. Even the appearance of the Jeep in childrens games and toys is covered.
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