In the September issue of Model Collector we're running a six page article (see opening pages above) on luxury Soviet-era limousines in 1:43 scale penned by expert Alex Cameron.

It makes fascinating reading, but we thought you'd like to see some additional models we simply didn't have room to squeeze in to this feature.

На здоровье: Na zdorovye!


Group photo of Russian limousine and cabriolet models.

Russo-Balt limousine models made by Radon Enterprise, Radon, Russia. Russo-Balt was the prestige Russian built car prior to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.


GAZ-13 Chaika 1:43 scale die-cast by Radon in rare red colour showing the opening features.


ZIS 110 V Convertible Phaeton conversed from the 'Auto Legends of the USSR' part-works model.


GAZ-13 Chaika 'chopped' from limousine model.

GAZ 14-05 Convertible Phaeton model 'chopped' from saloon model. This type of vehicle was used for parades and military reviews and was always painted grey.

ZIS 110V and GAZ-13 Chaika Phaeton models chopped from saloon models by. Sawing the roof off a die-cast requires a steady hand since there is no room for error.

ZIL 111G open version converted from saloon by a skilled French model maker.




Kremlin limos in the mandatory black paint finish. Models are, from left to right - GAZ-13 Chaika, ZIL 111 and ZIL 111G. All are 1:43 diecasts made by IXO for De Agostini Russia.


Cover of GAZ-12M ZIM brochure.


Cover of AVTOEXPORT brochure features GAZ-13 Chaika and Moscow skyline.


Artwork from ZIS 110 brochure.



Artwork from ZIS 110 brochure. 


Cover of GAZ-13 Chaika brochure. 

The shape of things to come? The 21st century ZIM concept car