1:18 scale version planned for 2012

Schuco has announced it is working on a 1:18 scale version of James Dean’s Porsche 550 Spyder for release in 2012.

The 550 Spyder, one of only 90 made, is the car in which screen legend James Dean lost his life in a head-on collision on US Route 466 (later to become State Route 46) on September 30, 1955. An urban legend has since developed in regard to the car, which is said to have been ‘cursed’, due to a string of accidents, deaths and fires linked to the wreck and parts from the car being used elsewhere.

But before the fateful crash, Dean had wanted to make the car uniquely his and had called upon George Barris, of movie car fame, to help him customise it.  The car therefore had Dean’s racing number ‘130’ of its doors, hood and engine cover, two red stripes on the rear wheels, tartan seats and the name ‘Little Bastard’ (the nickname given to him by his dialogue coach for the film Giant) painted on by the back by master pin striper, Dean Jefferies. All of which will hopefully be faithfully replicated by Schuco.

The model, allocated ref no. SHU 00332, will retail at £217.99. If you want to pre-order, UK distributor John Ayrey Diecast will be able to advise of your local stockist.