Corgi London 2012 Merchandise

Breaking news today is the story regarding Hornby’s disappointing sales figures for the Hornby London 2012 Olympics merchandise, about which there is an interesting article on The Telegraph’s website (see link below).

We’d be interested to hear your views/comments on this story.

Do you think Hornby/Corgi deciding to produce Olympic-themed models was a bad call? Do you think Hornby/Corgi would have been better to concentrate on its core audience rather than going for the souvenir market? Or do you think the product choice was wrong? If so, what should Hornby/Corgi have released to mark the Games?

Perhaps you agree with the Hornby statement, which suggests that the problem was, in the main, due to retailers overstretching themselves by ordering large quantities of other officially licensed merchandise along with the Hornby product and then having to resort to drastic discounts in order to clear stock, consequently rendering them unable to place further orders?

Join the debate!

Link to the Telegraph story