What sold for big prices online last month

It seems our thirst for plastic models is growing, no doubt bolstered by articles and Instant Expert pages in MC. Last month we saw an eight-inch Lucky Telsalda friction-drive Consul Corsair, with all opening parts and aerial, sell for £151.25, despite being unboxed.

The following day, we were pleased to see a rare Triang Spot-On Mammoth Major 4,000 Gallon Tanker (No. 110/4), mint and boxed but with a very minor factory fault to the prop shaft. The seller described the item as ‘98% mint’, and the piece sold for £578.99 after 15 bids.

Finally, and a real big hitter, we spied an original Dinky Toys 39 Series pre-war Gift Set featuring a blue Chrysler, a maroon Buick, a yellow Studebaker, a brown Lincoln, a black Oldsmobile and a brown Packard. The seller described the condition of the complete set as ‘9/10’, with only the Chrysler slightly fatigued. The lid was described as a ‘very good copy’. The set sold for £1,765 after 37 bids.