Waitrose 1/43 Scania Tractor and Box trailer

It is not uncommon these days for some businesses to commission a model making business to finish a model in their company colours.  The end result can be a mix for the purist, but the end result is still a very nice looking model.

In this instance we see a Scania tractor unit combined with a box trailer.  Standard in the manufacturers catalogue I suspect but the colours and markings are pretty much spot on (on the basis I see hundreds of these every day at work I am happy to say that).  The pale green tractor unit, complete with air spoiler on the roof is just right, and these operate in the Waitrose vehicle fleet along with a mix of Daf and Mercedes trucks.  The trailer is OK, though the model differs in having the 3rd axle (we only have three axle trailers on double deckers) and the the rear doors provided on the model are in reality a roller shutter, though once again the colours and markings are correct.  The transfers printed for the whole combination are good, even down to the Royal Warrant on the side and the small reminder on the front of the trailer in green, 'Warning deep kingpin 3.6m tractors only'.

Overall a very nice display piece, though not on general sale.  This happens to be one I am lucky enough to have in my collection.