Collecting History - Front Cover

Due to be launched at the Sandown Toyfair on November 16 is a charming new hardback book entitled Collecting History - Where did all those toys come from? The book brings together the stories, recollections and anecdotes of Michael Driver and the late Mike Richardson, two life-long, and well known and respected, collectors of toys and models. In their own words, it traces their collecting from early childhood through to adulthood and is beautifully illustrated with period photos.

Starting in the post-war days of the 1940s, the book documents the pair’s early memories of visits to toyshops and indeed the original toys that inspired a lifelong passion for anything on four wheels. It recalls life as teenage collectors before the toys were put away and the two left home to go to university (in Mike’s case) and to art college (in Michael’s), the first collectors’ clubs, the origins of swapmeets and the many changes that have taken place in the hobby over the years.

It makes for a fascinating read, with plenty of nostalgia for the veteran collector and some real insight into the past for the novice.

Published by Lindholm Forres Publishing (ISN 978-0-9569591- 1-9] and priced at £18.99 plus, it can be ordered directly from Lindholm Forres Books at or by calling 0207 243 2149. Better still though, if you can get along to Sandown on November 16, you can get your copy signed by Michael Driver himself!

Collecting History, their first toy road vehicles