What is it?

It’s a contemporary 1:22 scale friction drive model in plastic, of the FC Victor estate. The FC saloon was modelled in 1:43 by Dinky, but this is the only estate version known to the author. The real vehicle was introduced in late 1964 and replaced in late 1967. The Vauxhall lettering on the model’s bonnet indicates a 1964-66 type. The model was probably deleted in the early 70s.

What do I get?

The model has friction drive, a whip aerial, plated parts, an opening bonnet with engine detail and a rather nice tailgate revealing a spare wheel. Shape-wise, it doesn’t quite capture the bonnet length or the rounded body sides (advertised by Vauxhall as the ‘Space Look’) and looks like an amalgam of the FC and earlier FB series. However, the lights and grille are super; the interior bench seats are the right pattern and even the tail lights correspond to the correct configuration, even if they are a bit short.

Any variations?

More research needs to be done, but it seems that as this model was sold in Telsalda and Clifford boxes, either the mould ‘did the rounds’ or the two companies were one and the same. There is also a link between Telsalda and Lucky Toys. There may be other colour combinations, but the two seen are; light green, brown seats, white roof and; light blue, mid blue seats and white roof.

How was it packaged?

Both Clifford and Telsalda boxes are thin cardboard end-flap types. Both use very attractive (but differently angled) illustrations of a red car and both pictures appear to have been created by the same artist.

Why should I get one?

It’s a very pleasing model, it’s well made and it’s rare. In the last ten years only two have come up for auction, selling at £170 in an auction house (estimate £40-60) and £140 on eBay. For a Vauxhall enthusiast, or for those who love that dying breed; the estate car, it’s a must.

Watch out

The boxes are fragile. The spare wheel can go missing. Glue marks discolour with time. Plastic hates sunlight and will fade, crack or become brittle.

How much?

The model was originally priced at around 18 shillings. Today, collectors prize completeness and condition over any particular variation but prices are nonetheless strong at between £150-300.