Rolls Royce at War and Peace Revival show, 2013

Amongst a very fine display of classic cars to be found at the War and Peace Revival show at Folkestone racecourse this week was this one.  A custom built Rolls Royce, originally supplied to King Alphonso of Spain.  Subsequently a long time part of the Brook Stevens Automobile collection in the USA, this was brought back to the UK when that collection was split up.

Apparently this was built especially for King Alphonso to go bear hunting.  The wheels are larger than standard, to aid running 'off -road' while the hood folds completely flat into the back.  This feature is just one part of the design for it to be used for hunting.  The doors have ammunition lockers built into them and a compartment built between the front and rear seats (see the hatch illustrated in the photos below) was the case for his guns.

Then in the rear passenger compartment, a single swivel chair, which couple with the fact the hood was folded down completely out of the way, this gave the shooter the ability for a very full field of fire when shooting from the car.

This was just one of the selection of cars brought along to the War and Peace Revival show which has been held at Folkestone Racecourse in Kent from 17 - 21 July 2013.  The show was moved from the long time home of the Hop Farm at Beltring into this new venue at Folkestone.  It is even bigger, perhaps half as big again as Beltring, at a rough guess, and with thousands of privately owned military vehicles on show.  The new venue with the added space has also allowed room for the additional feature of a classic car display, and there were some very fine cars on show.

These Rolls Royce cars, along with some other makes, were brought along by Vintage and Prestige Fine Motorcars.