Century 21 Spectrum Patrol Car

What is it?

In 1965, Century 21 Toys became the new name for J R Rosenthal Toys, a company that had a long history of plastic novelty toys before securing the franchise to produce plastic models from the various Gerry Anderson puppet series. This model of Captain Scarlet’s Spectrum Patrol Car from ‘Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons’ was made in 1967. There is some speculation that the company went into receivership in 1968, after producing its last toys for the Joe90 series.   

What do I get?

The large scale model (approximately 26cms long) has opening doors, figures of captains Scarlet and Blue, firing missiles from the drop down headlamps (operated by sliding wing mirrors) and opening side hatches. The front wheels have a friction motor. The model should include a separately packed fin, radio transmitter, black Mysteron detector, a suitcase and around five missiles.







Any variations?

There are no known variations


How was it packaged?

Century21 boxes are spectacular and sturdy. For completeness, a shaped card shelf should fit around the top of the model when it rests in the bottom half of the lift-off box.


Why should I get one?

As with all plastic toys, durability, or the lack of it, makes it a scarce toy. It’s very faithful to the TV car and most impressive on display. Add to this the limited production time and the enormous demand from Gerry Anderson fans and you’ll appreciate having one, once you’ve found it.



Watch out

Check components and accessories for completeness. These models are prone to distortion-particularly the rear screens. Look out for sun fading and cracks.


How much?

With so few come on the market each year, prices are wild. Expect to pay anything from £175-300 for a boxed example.