Resin model manufacturer Jotus Ltd has revealed to us that it is about to release a new 1:43 scale model of the Toyota MR2.

The small and light MR2 was a suprise choice by Toyota when it was launched back in 1984, as Toyota was known at that time for its economical and practical family cars, but the moniker 'Mid-engined Runabout, 2 Seater' was more than a marketing tool - it was the fundamental design philosophy. 

The model could sit very well within a Lotus collection, as the MR2's suspension and handling were in fact designed by Toyota with the help of Lotus engineer Roger Becker. Toyota's cooperation with Lotus during the prototype phase can be seen in the car, and indeed its design owes much to Lotus's legendary sports cars of the 1960s and 1970s.

Scheduled for imminent release, we bringing you a sneak peek at the model in red (ref. RS-76502) and in white (ref. RS-76503) and we understand samples are currently being shipped to us for review, so look out for them in the magazine's New Releases section very shortly.