Many visitors will wonder about the benefits of joining our Model Collector community.
Well, the main benefit is the ability to interact with other members, but there's so much more

Model Reviews

We'll post a selection of Dom's New Releases reviews from the magazine each month here to build up the largest online source for objective, informative and fair die-cast, resin and white metal model reviews.

Articles and news

Every week we'll be uploading articles from the pages of Model Collector, and a host of news on the hobby as well. 


You can put up photos of models, dioramas, kits or vehicles from classic car shows, etc into a Gallery for other members to view.

Swapmeet diary

Get instant access to the biggest and most reliable database of swapmeet dates from across the UK. 


The forum allows you to ask questions and discuss your latest projects. As well as this, you can catch up with other members, discuss articles you've read in Model Collector, offer up any models you might want to swap and much more.
Totally free
The Model Collector website is totally free to join, and we promise not to pass on your details to other companies if you don't want us to. We will send you our regular weekly newsletter to let you know what is in the content of the next mag. Join today and stay connected with your hobby!