Oxford Diecast: Future


While it’s a known fact that in Britain we import more than we export, Swansea-based model manufacturer Oxford Diecast is very definitely breaking that mould. Indeed, in the die-cast industry it must surely be number one not only when it comes to the sheer volume of models, in a whole variety of scales, it produces but also in the extraordinary number of new toolings it continues to add to its line-up. We will, of course, continue to bring you reviews of the very latest new releases on a monthly basis, but looking even further ahead, to the end of this year and beyond, this month we are also able to reveal what’s currently in pipeline. These newly announced models are still in the fairly early stages of development, so in most cases we can at present only show you representative line drawings and cell designs, but we hope you will enjoy this little taster of what’s to come…



Photo 2. The principal measurements of the small electric outboard were all doubled to make these templates.


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