Oh, Dyane!

Thanks to some recent 1:18 scale releases, Stephen Paul Hardy has found himself falling in love all over again…

“Oh no, here I go again
Fallin’ in love again
Love is like a grain
of sand
Slowly slippin’
your hand
Oh, oh, whoa...
Oh, oh, Dyane...
Talkin’ ‘bout Dyane”

With apologies to Fleetwood Mac!

The above Fleetwood Mac lyrics really resonate with me. Why? Because I think nostalgia, to a greater or lesser extent, has an inextricable influence on our collecting choices and preferences – and I have many happy memories of my flirtatious dalliances with Citröens. Unlike my otherwise very sensible air-cooled Teutonic choices, the models from this marque could perhaps be compared to Gallic mistresses: unpredictable but refreshingly fun and quite simply unforgettable.


1970’s nostalgia, including, to the left, a shot of Stephen’s much loved 1:1 Masséna Red Dyane 4.


My Dyane
This was particularly true of a 1971 Dyane 4 that first came my way in 1973. In truth, this was not so much love at first sight but a rebound romance. I had wanted a Beetle but just couldn’t afford one in reasonable condition. Another choice would have been a 2CV – but here there was no RHD [Right Hand Drive] option, as imports to the UK had ceased several years beforehand. Hobson’s choice, then, fell to the ‘up graded 2CV' Dyane – the only RHD 2CV equivalent offered by Citröen in the UK at the time.

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