Back on the Alpine Trail


Stephen Paul Hardy shares his views on the latest model releases to represent this region's rich automotive history…


It is a classic example of the human race’s ability to develop iteratively (and, I believe, in the flow of energy in the universe) that in the fields of both the Sciences and the Arts, theories, ideas and designs (or compositions) develop simultaneously and in parallel. Often, they are sparked and encouraged by their sharing and in doing so egg on evolution of the theme.



Photo 2. The principal measurements of the small electric outboard were all doubled to make these templates.



At the simplest level this contributes to that all embracing term of ‘fashion’. At a deeper level, it contributes to development of a concept or idea. In music we end up with genres, in art with ‘schools’ such as the Impressionists, Art Nouveau and Pre-Raphaelites. At an automotive level we end up with examples of similar styles and mechanical solutions appearing simultaneously or concurrently.


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